What is

Seedr is a next-generation app aiming to bring the torrent experience to the next level. Stream movies, music, and books on any device. With top-in-class streaming technology, Seedr allows you to watch movies, listen to music, or read anything in your torrent library directly from the cloud on any device can be a next-generation product or service going to deliver the bit-torrent encounter into a completely degree. While torrents are certainly not precisely legal as well as safe and sound, nonetheless they have now grow to be part and also package of our on-line lifetime right now. And so, gain access to these in the quickest and also best way achievable we have now Seedr.

What are the benefits of

Stream movies, music, and books on any device
With top-in-class streaming technology, Seedr allows you to watch movies, listen to music, or read anything in your torrent library directly from the cloud on any device.
Private and safe
Seedr has high-level transport encryption to protect your privacy, and there is no need to worry about malware, viruses, or outside tracking – Seedr is the barrier protecting you.
Very fast
Seedr runs on a high-speed backbone and can fetch torrents to the cloud within several minutes down to several seconds.
Fetch and stream torrents on your mobile device
If you’ve ever tried using torrents on either tablet or phone, you’d quickly find out how impractical that is . Seedr is the solution – with special mobile-friendly protocols we created a snappy, fast mobile site that has all the functions you get on your PC – including streaming, subtitles and high speed direct downloads.
WIth Seedr you can :
  • Fetch torrents as direct-download zip files
  • Stream movies, with an integrated subtitles search mechanism
  • Listen to music
  • Read eBooks
Downloading torrents with Seedr can be friendlier and safer, And i thinks there are some plans on expanding the already rich features of the site in the near future.

 Looks and Feel

  • Simple and beautiful design
  • Easy access
  • Simple well customized menu

Plans Offered By Seedr

Seedr offers a free user and several premium packages for advanced users.
  • Free user

– 2GB of free storage + more space for inviting friends

– Unlimited bandwidth, video playback support, high-speed downloads

– 1 parallel torrent download and 1:1 seeding ratio on public trackers

  • Premium(6.95/mo)

   –30GB of storage

         – Kaspersky Virus Scan

         –2 Torrent Slots

         –Seedr Ultra© Download

         –1:1 Seeding Ratio or 12h

         –Unlimited Monthly Traffic

         –HD Streaming

         –8 Parallel Connection

  • PRO(9.95/mo)

     –100GB Storage

         –All Basic Features

         –5 Torrent Slots

         –2:1 Seeding Ratio or 24h

         –Private Torrents Support

         –Static IP For Private Trackers

  • MASTER(19.95/mo)

 –1TB Storage

         –All Basic & Pro Features

         –25 Torrent Slots

         –5:1 Seeding Ratio or 5 Days

         –5:1 Seeding Ratio or 5 Days


Easier to operate than uTorrent (by a long way), Seedr’s beauty lies in its simplicity. It’s hard to imagine anyone other than complete novices needing to revert to the site’s tutorial. However, those that do won’t be disappointed as it reveals ways to integrate the service into Kodi/XBMC.
Those who obsess over the minutiae of their torrenting might prefer a full-blown seedbox experience, but Seedr knows its target audience and appears to serve them well.
Seedr can be tested here for free.

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